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We have a wide range of vehicles on our fleet to meet the most demanding customer needs, ranging from the most efficient of small vans to Artics for haulage requirements.

Our van fleet includes small vans (SV), short wheel base transits (SWB), long wheel base transits (LWB), extra-long wheel base transits (XLWB) and Luton vehicles.

See the diagram below for the internal dimensions of each vehicle. If you require something more specialist, or a vehicle that is not listed, then please give us a call.

A vehicle selected is the minimum size we may send in, if you need a specific vehicle due to height/access/weight restrictions please let us know on booking.

To confirm a quote please email us at [email protected] WhatsApp or call on 07494 284 225

Small Van (SV)

  • Max Load 400kg
  • Height 1.0m
  • Length 1.5m
  • Width 1.2m
  • Width (Wheel Arches): 1.0m
  • Carries: 1 x Standard Pallet

Short Wheel Base (SWB)

  • Max Load 900kg
  • Height 1.3m

  • Length  2.3m to 2.4m

  • Width 1.4m to 1.6m

  • Width (Wheel Arches): 1.25m

  • Carries: 2 x Standard Pallets

Long Wheel Base (LWB)

  • Max Load 1300kg
  • Height 1.75m
  • Length 3.2m to 3.6m

  • Width (Wheel Arches): 1.3m

  • Carries: 3 x Standard Pallet

Extra Long Wheel Base (XLWB)

  • Max Load 1200kg
  • Height 1.83m
  • Length 4.0m to 4.2m

  • Width 1.7m
  • Width (Wheel Arches): 1.3m
  • Carries: 4 x Standard Pallets

Luton Van

  • Max Load 900kg

  • Height 2.0m

  • Length 4.2m

  • Width 2.0m

  • Curtain size 4.5m

  • Carries: 6 x Standard Pallet

Luton Tail Lift

  • Max Load 900kg

  • Height 2.0m

  • Length  4.2m

  • Width 2.0m

  • Curtain side: 4.5m

  • Carries: 6 x Standard Pallets

  • Luton Curtain Side: Tail Lift

7.5 Tonne Truck (7.5ton)

  • Max Load 2800kg

  • Height 2.2m

  • Length 6.0m

  • Width 2.4m

  • Carries: 10 x Standard Pallets

18 Tonne Truck (18ton)

  • Max Load 9000kg
  • Height 2.20m

  • Length 7.0m

  • Width 2.4m

  • Carries: 14 x Standard Pallet

Artics / HGV’s

A variety of different trailer sizes – Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

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Carol M.

“I used TMK (Cosmin)after a recommendation. What a fantastic guy to deal with. Helpful professional. Nothing is too much trouble, If you want a courier service that delivers and keeps you informed every step of the way. Then this is the company you need for your business. By far the best I have used. I deal with critical situations where ETA are vital to business. Welldone Cosmin.”

Ben W.

“used these guys for the first time this week, service was so great we asked them to help us out again the next day. Delivered everything fast and efficiently, pricing was good, goods were delicate and had no issues as everything was handled with great care. Accurate etas and delivered/collected quicker then we expected.”

Aleksander K.

“We’ve had a fantastic experience collaborating with them! This was our second time using their services, and just like the first time, everything went smoothly according to our agreements. Absolutely perfect! I wholeheartedly recommend them.”

Will C.

“Delighted with our experience of the TMK team, reliable, straight forward and hard working. Selling and consigning high end furniture, we require a team who have great attitude in front of customers and a can do spirit to deal with numerous issues as they pop up. We’ve been really impressed with TMK’s excellent and speedy communication and abilities to get things done. Very happy to have found them.”